Birne, Sch├Ądel & Haupt

web series

"A three-headed eagle runs an animation studio in the mountains, always busy completing his big film. But every time he faces new obstacles: an unexpected visit or just the differences between his own personalities. Will he ever finish his big movie?"

Our new series is the first German-language animation web site and is now also broadcast on TV. First episodes can be found on our YouTube channel!


Executive Producer & Showrunner
Conrad Tambour
Johannes Schiehsl
Benjamin Swiczinsky

Written & Directed by
Benjamin Swiczinsky  (Ep. 1 - 4 & Ep. 6)
Conrad Tambour (Ep. 5)

Benjamin Swiczinky
Conrad Tambour

Voice acting
Benjamin Swiczinsky

Guest appearances
Richard Weihs
Alexander Zlamal
Brian Main

Sounddesign & Music
Alexander Zlamal

Instrumental & Vocals
Ludwig Zlamal
Margarete Zlamal
Regina Schmalleger

Paolo Polesello
Johanna Schiehsl
Rodja Pavlik

Thanks to
Paolo Polesello
Thomas Bogensberger
Hilda Swiczinsky
Helmut Swiczinsky
Helene& Christoph
Katharina Sittler
Jürgen Hagler
Familie Mischitz
Karlheinz Dietl
Eva Meissenpichler
Tobias Krasinger
Martin Tiefenthaler
Josef Marhl
Isolde Tambour
Thorsten Löffler
Familie Preindl
Ludwig Zlamal
Familie Jung
Helmut Ramharter
Wolfgang Matzl
Sascha Vernik

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