Fritzi - A Revolutionary Tale

Feature length film

East Germany, 1989. Twelve-year-old Fritzi lovingly takes care of her best friend Sophie's little dog Sputnik, while Sophie's family is on summer vacation in Hungary. When Sophie doesn't come back from vacation, Fritzi and Sputnik set out in search of her. Historically accurate, authentic and with lots of rich period detail and atmosphere, this moving animated film for the whole family retells the story of the peaceful revolution of 1989 from a child's perspective. An entertaining and exciting tale of the Fall of the Wall, and of the people who were brave enough to change the world, which will make a lasting impression, not only on young viewers.

Our first cinema co-production that we co-financed. Parts of the animatics and several set designs, like Fritzi's apartment, were created in our studio in Vienna.

Based on the story "Fritzi war dabei"
by Hanna Schott and Gerda Raidt

Directed by
Ralf Kukula und Matthias Bruhn

Producers Vienna
Conrad Tambour, Benjamin Swiczinsky, Johannes Schiehsl

Line Producer
Georg Aschauer

Concept Art & Set Design
Johannes Mücke

Sascha Vernik, Gyula Szabo, Conrad Tambour

Additional Concept Art
Sascha Vernik

Beate Völcker

Richard Lutterbeck, Ralf Kukula, Patrick Quinet, Stéphane Quinet, Pierre Urbain, Martin Vandas, Alena Vandasová


Line Producer
Christian Asmussen

André Dziezuk

Art Director
Alex Tiedtke

Character Design
Carolin Schweizer

Set Design
André Martini

Background Supervisor
Michel Pisson

Layout Supervisors
Sven Höffer, Alex Tiedtke, Mike Monaghan, Patrick Sadzot

Animation Supervisors
Susanne Seidel, Ulf Grenzer

Compositing Supervisor
Thibault Couwenbergh

Stefan Urlaß

Sound Design
Jérémy Hassid, François Dumont

Sound Mix
Luc Thomas

FBW (German Film and Media Review)
Seal predicate: "particularly valuable", 2019
"Goldener Hecht" Cathegory Hero Kinolino Filmfestival Dresden
FILEM'ON Animation Award Brussels
Best Animation Award 8-12 years 12. Junior Fest Pilsen

FIFF Namur, Belgium
Festival de Cinema allemand Paris, France
Anim'est Bucharest, Rumania
Schlingel Filmfestival Chemnitz
CinEast Luxembourg
Cinekid Amsterdam, Netherlands
SEMINCI Valladolid, Spain
Kinolino Filmfestival Dresden
FILEM'ON Brussles, Belgium
CICFF Chicago, Canada
KINEKO Tokyo, Japan
Milano PGF, Italy
12. Junior Fest Pilsen, Tschechoslowakia
ANILOGUE Animation Festival Budapest, Hungary
New York International Children's Film Festival, USA