Only Human

Festival Trailer

"A man wakes up in a city consisting of humans.
No streets, buildings or cars - only humans!"

This 50 seconds trailer was created by Benjamin for the visual effects and animation conference FMX in Stuttgart, and was widely used for its promotion in print, TV and theaters. It was also screened on all infoscreens of German airports.
Written & Directed by
Benjamin Swiczinsky

Benjamin Swiczinsky

Technical Director
Thomas Moser

Benjamin Swiczinsky
Jan-Marcel Kühn
Manuela Molin

Music & Sounddesign
Alexander Zlamal

Jakob Schuh & Johannes Weiland

Head of Institute
Prof. Thomas Haegele

Sabine Hirtes

System Administration
John Holtz, Viet Nguyen, Sebastian Ellebracht

Digital Postproduction
Joachim Genannt, Michael Schott, Andrea Hofmann

Thanks to
Jan Lachauer, Louis Tardivier, David Maas, Thorsten Löffler, Hilda und Helmut Swiczinsky

A Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg production winter term 2008/09