music video

"If I am looking for inspiration, looking for social liaison, I read the telephone book ..."

The cult song by the Austrian-American singer-songwriter and comedian Georg Kreisler as an animated music video, commissioned by Makido film, ARTE and ZDF.

Written & Directed by
Benjamin Swiczinsky

Producer - NÖT
Benjamin Swiczinsky
Johannes Schiehsl
Conrad Tambour

Producer - Makido Film
Golli Marboe
Iris Haschek

Character Design
Benjamin Swiczinsky
Nana Swiczinsky

Benjamin Swiczinsky
Julia Ocker
Daniel Lundquist

Clean-Up Artist
Timur Tietze

Camera Projection Mapping
Johannes Schiehsl

3D Modeling
Conrad Tambour

Georg Kreisler

funded by
MA 7 - Wien Kultur

Commissioned by Makido Film/ZDF/ARTE
A Neuer Österreichischer Trickfilm production 2013